Summer Fancy Food Show, New York 2014

The United States is the largest export market for British food and non –alcoholic drinks outside Europe with sales of over £247million during the first six months of 2013, a growth of  11% on the previous year. As a result the U.S is the 5th largest growth markets for UK food and drink exports.

This continued growth is driven by the US consumers increasing interest in World cuisines and flavours and a heightened awareness of health and wellness issues. In particular opportunities for Welsh producers have been identified in the bakery, confectionary and dairy sectors.

The Summer Fancy Food Show 2013 attracted visitors from across the food sector including retail store buyers, speciality retailers, airline buyers, restaurateurs and hoteliers, and importers and distributors. Food companies from more than 80 countries exhibited at the event displaying over 80,000 speciality food and beverages.

The 2014 event will return to New York following 2 years in Washington, due to refurbishment of the New York exhibition centre. As a result of the events relaunch in New York, and associated press coverage, it is anticipated that visitor numbers will be significantly increased. In addition the relaunch will bring in trade visitors that have not visited the event before consequently increasing the opportunities for exhibiting companies.